Catching up on the pregnancy

fetus13So I dropped the bomb two days ago that I’m pregnant. I’m currently 13 weeks or 3 months, at the very end of the first trimester. Baby is about 2.9 inches or 7,5 cm and weighs about .81 oz or 23 g – supposedly the size of a peach. Though she’s (don’t freak, don’t know the gender yet, but I’ll be calling the baby ‘he’ or ‘she’ simply cause I feel weird saying ‘it’) still fairly small my belly has gone from simply being bloated and uhm.. poofy? to being solidly curvy below the belly button. Don’t know how else to explain it. So it’s probably not completely visible yet, but definitely not casually flat either. Truth be told, my pants feel really tight and I prefer to flatteringly unbotton them whenever – possibly – possible.

Pregnancy so far has been exciting but rough. The night back in early January when the test was positive we each took turns, the first couple of days, being overjoyed and stressed out about how to fit this pregnancy and later baby into our plans. We called and shared the news with both of our parents and were calmed by their absolute happiness for us. I had exactly one week of a heads up before the morning sickness began. That morning when food stopped appealing, yet I felt hungrier than ever and I just wanted to lie still in bed, I called up my mom to ask exactly how long she was usually morning sick for. ‘Oh I usually started getting better around 3 months’ – being just 6 weeks at the time, my heart sank. It was not fun. But sure enough. As soon as I rounded those 3 months the sky cleared and I saw the light. Literally – I hadn’t left the apartment much while I was sick.

Now everything is just about jolly good. I still have a bad day here and there and I would not say my appetite is what it has been, but running errands and normal life has never felt this good!

Let me just clear up. I’m not completely turning this into a pregnancy blog. My main motive will still be to talk about what’s generally going on with our little family. Though of course the pregnancy is a big part of that we are also facing our last month of Hawaii living and the planning and preparing for the next stop on the Krylborn Family Journey of Life. So hang in there, those of you who aren’t that interested in hearing about stretch marks and fruit sized fetuses.

On the pregnancy front, though, starting next week I will begin doing weekly updates that will include baby developement, mommy life adjustments and baby bump pictures. So for the rest of you… stay in touch!