14 weeks pregnant

14 weeks jean.jpg.jpgYH

So in order to keep updated, every Monday night I’ll post a weekly update on my pregnancy.

Made it to the second trimester!

In case you’re looking really close, there is a tiny bump – almost not visible though – I apologize for the choice of clothing. It kind of makes it unclear.

Week 14! And finally out of the first trimester. Hopefully gonna really start getting my life back now!

So baby is the size of a lemon, or 3.4 inches (8,6 cm) and 1.5 oz (42,5 g). Newest features this week are that the kidneys are fully functioning and she’s peeing! Sad that she’s peeing into the amniotic fluid around her.. good thing she won’t know better. Also baby is growing lanugo, or fuzzy hair all over his body. Fluffy!

As for mommy, I’m feeling better. Better and better each week. I still have semi-bad days where I’m more sensitive to food than usual and need to stay close to the couch. For example last Sunday I felt sick all morning but once I’d forced down a proper bowl of oatmeal I was well enough to go to church. Food is the key.

Speaking of food. I’m still hungry as a wolf, but on the upside my appetite is slowly coming back. I’ve even dared to eat out a few times lately. All successful experiences. I don’t keep food by the bed anymore but I do have 2-3 small dinners between 4pm and 22pm.

Belly is growing more rapidly now. Is it just me or does it seem bigger in the morning? Or am I just equally surprised that I have a bump every time I wake up? I just noticed today that my waist is more non-existent than ever and my soft girly sides are now hard. I pretty much quit wearing my jeans if I can avoid it.

This week has been dedicated to stroller shopping online. Or rather stroller browsing. I feel like it will take as long to decide what kind of stroller I’d prefer and pick one out as it did to decide on a wedding dress and pick that out. Truth be told, I’ll probably end up paying more for the stroller. The main problem is that I don’t know where we’ll live during the time our child will be at stroller age, so I don’t know what kind will be the most suitable.. maybe I should just get a cheap used one anyway…

Oh and let me just dedicate a paragraph to jalapeños! I love them! I did before I got pregnant too, but now I super love them! Love them so much I eat them too fast and I feel like my head is on fire! So good! Mmmm!

That’s all!