Moving to Salt Lake City – never thought I was gonna say that

saltlake_2567249bI’ve started to get this feeling that nothing in my life is official until it has been on the blog. So to my own satisfaction and to anyone who may be curious, it is now set in stone that the next place the wind is taking us is to Salt Lake City.

About a month ago Marcus received an offer for a summer internship with Goldman Sachs in Salt Lake. After a lot of planning and decision making, all the paper work is finally done and the essentials have been sorted out. We were blessed (yet again) with a great deal on a furnished apartment downtown and I have scheduled doctor’s appointments there too.

We are really sad to have only a few weeks left here on campus with our friends and Marcus is especially sad to end his last semester here and the amazing teachers and experiences he has had. It really does feel like we only just got here, pale Scandinavians as we were (in my case, still am), taking in all the beauty around us.

But Salt Lake will be exciting too. I can’t explain just how big of a breath of fresh air it will be to live in a city again. With traffic sounds, lots of people and public transportation. And stores! Big stores close by to go grocery shopping in! More than that, I am excited to go say hi to my little sister! I’m really gonna have to contain myself so I don’t run off to the Square all the time stalking her and following her around like a puppy. I’ll be the first mormon to actually be banned from Temple Square.

So yeah! That’s the next stop on the Krylborn Journey of Life. It feels good to have the next step sorted out and to know what exactly is going to happen – at least for the next few months’ time. 20100122__wkd_commre_012410~5_GALLERY