16 weeks pregnant

fsd5Made it to 16 weeks!

Belly still isn’t huge, but this week, for the first time, I couldn’t button my first pair of jeans. This sent me into wild goose chase to figure out if I’m gonna get mommy jeans, mommy leggings or normal leggings. Cheap, cheaper or cheapest. I’m very open to any advice out there. Leaning towards leggings since I’ll need them during the summer, but wondering if normal leggings work fine or if maternity leggings are necessary.

Something I haven’t mentioned at all so far is how I’m trying to be healthy for me and baby. I guess it’s not till now that I’ve even been able to really focus on getting a workout in and (especially not) eating the right food. But now that morning sickness is over I can be a little more flexible.

As I’m still a little scared of Marcus’ green smoothies, the last week, I’ve started having protein shakes for breakfast. Fortunately, we have a bunch of chocolate protein powder that we probably won’t bring with us when we leave, so I’ll love me some cool chocolate banana shakes every morning till then. Mornings are when I’m the least hungry, so a shake can keep me going till 11 or 12. To fill out the rest of my day until dinner I try to stick to oatmeal and fruit. Luckily, I’ve wanted fruit bad ever since I got pregnant, so we try to have a wide variety stocked in the fridge. Perfect for after dinner food too. Dinner is probably the meal I care the least about nutritionwise. I’m still at a stage where I can’t eat just anything and I feel that it’s more important that I get full than being so smart that I end up dumping it all in the toilet half an hour later. My favorite dinner food at the moment is baked potatoes. Mmm!

As for working out, I’m doing Tracy Anderson’s Pregnancy Project. She has a specific workout for each month of the pregnancy that focuses on strengthening and stretching relevant body parts. She makes sure to push you harder and for longer earlier in the pregnancy while you’re still strong without getting you too hot or dizzy. I really like it. It’s not a super intense workout but it’s enough to get me sweaty and aching the next day. She takes it slow so there’s plenty of time to grab a sip of water in between and most of the exercises are either kneeling, sitting or an all fours. No breaks needed!

Also, I’ve started doing a few pregnancy yoga routines. Whatever I find on Youtube that day. I only started this a few days ago, cause I was hoping it would help the aching and soreness. And it certainly did! I’m officially becoming a yoga person – who would’ve thought!

Anyways, I’m doing great and so is the baby – I think! He is about the size of an avocado now and is weighing up to 170 grams! Is that right?! I read that she’s supposed to begin being able to hear my voice now too. Exciting!!!photo (1)