“Pearl Harbor – may we never forget”

photo 2 (3)YHJust wanted to share a few pictures from our visit to Pearl Harbor. Yes! We finally went. About time too. We left home before sunup and were able to enjoy the atmosphere of the site before too many tourists arrived. It was a very special experience. Standing there looking across the water to the USS Arizona Memorial picturing the horrible scene that took place just over 70 years ago. 

To those who haven’t been here the Pearl Harbor tourist attraction consists of monuments, museums, displays and the USS Arizona Memorial, which is a small building placed just above where the Arizona sits on the bottom of the ocean with a few of her peaks reaching above the surface.

Going out to the Arizona was my favorite part of the day. You are taken out on a boat steered by US military officials to the memorial. Out of respect for the more than 900 men who to this day are entombed within the ship, the tour is silent and all passengers are asked to switch their phones and electronics and refrain from speaking loudly. Needless to say, a tour guide wasn’t necessary because the reverence of the place spoke for itself.

I highly recommend stopping by there if you’re on the island.

photo 1 (3)YHphoto 1YHMarcus managed to show off a little more of what the atmosphere there actually felt like through his facial expression than me.

photo 3 (1)YHphoto 5YHphoto 4YHThe rusty top of the Arizona reaches quite far out of the water.

photofYHBefore we left we had the pleasure of shaking the hand of a man who had actually experienced the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 himself aboard one of the battle ships.