17 weeks pregnant

photo17 weeks… and the half way mark is getting closer.

A couple of our friends just had their baby this last week and hearing them tell of this experience felt like a wake-up call for us. At the same time it makes it seem even more unreal that we will be bringing home a little football of a baby in a few months. 

This week, I think, is best characterized by the many minutes (probably hours if you add up) that I’ve – lying in bed, sitting up or standing – focused all my attention on the little bump, willing myself to feel… something! After my little dream experience last Wednesday I’ve craved more of that feeling of closeness to my baby. All the pregnancy websites say the same thing on week 17: “If you haven’t felt the baby yet, you will soon”. I understand that as in any second now.

There have been a couple of times these last few days that I’ve felt something different. Not quite like a flutter or gas but like an actual kick from the inside. I try not to think about it too much in case I’m just feeding my desperate imagination.

Marcus is getting really cute lately. There is a lot more belly talk than usual and he keeps asking if I’m sure the baby can’t hear him yet. Instead of talking aloud he has begun to whisper his baby-daddy conversations. I guess it is starting to feel more real to him too.

It makes me pretty happy to see Marcus like this. Like the baby isn’t just “my thing”. He is taking his job as a father very seriously now and offers to do everything for me and spends time researching how he can better support me. Last week when he woke me up from my nap he got out the lotion and announced that he was going to massage my legs because he had read that is good for releasing tension and pain in the abdomen. Things like these make me cry faster than anything.

I would really like to weigh myself sometime this week. We bought a cheap scale when we moved in but it died a week later. So far, due to workout and probably mainly my eating very little during my first trimester I seem to have lost weight. Especially on my butt and thighs. Not complaining! But now that growth is picking up I’m curious where I stand.

I will have to do a separate post about my workouts and why I do what. I said last week that I am experimenting with yoga and I am going to implement more stretching in my daily routine as well.

Otherwise I assume baby is still doing good (kick already!). He is about 13 cm (whaaaat!) and should weigh around 170 g. I wonder when I’ll start to really feel the extra weight sitting on my front.