What would Pam Beesly do?

4878a9f65d2c51689b4d9e0f217dc402Just a couple of hours ago we finished for the second time in our marriage one of my new favorite shows: The Office.

I have to thank my husband for talking me into watching the show with him. He has a thing for easy-to-watch funny shows, whereas I prefer shows with more of a story and deeper meaning. After watching a couple of episodes I had decided that the humor of The Office was not my cup of tea. Thank goodness that Marcus was so persistent and managed to persuade me to sit through the first two seasons. I must say, it wasn’t easy. And definitely not funny. But after I reached that mark I was sold. And now I love it!

If there’s anyone out there who, like I did, think it’s just a little too weird to give a chance… I say to you… do it anyway! It’s really the perfect show for a couple to watch together.

But what I really want to share is the main reason that I love this show. Though it is full of very original and unique yet ordinary and lovable characters, my absolute favorite person and now hero of this show is miss Pam Beesly (later Pam Beesly Halpert).

I could share a long list of favorite quotes of hers (and I might) but one that I really think sums up both the essence of the show all-together and also especially her character is this:

“There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kinda the point?”

Pam is ordinary as can be. What I admire in her is her courage to stand up for herself and the remarkable development she undergoes throughout the show. At the beginning, she is a simple receptionist at a small paper company. She is kind of reserved and quiet and her true energetic and comical spirit only comes out in her conversations with her best friend Jim Halpert. She is in what seems like an endless engagement to a man who works in the office warehouse and with whom she may not be truly in love.


For years Jim has been secretly and desperately in love with her and when he finally confesses his feelings for her she is too scared to tell him that she loves him too. After months Jim finally decides to try to let her go and starts dating other girls and after taking a good look at herself Pam realizes she needs to change. And at a company outing she dares herself to do a coal walk, which ignites a fire of enthusiasm within her and she realizes that she can do what she wants. From then on she takes her life into her own hands and begins to speak up for herself. 90c8bb338d7af5bef9a7b49460d6db09

She calls off her own wedding, she pursues her art and goes to New York over the summer to take art classes, she participates in an art show, she tells Jim of her feelings for him, she has her dream wedding, deciding that she doesn’t want to be a receptionist forever she runs off to help start up a new company with a former colleague, she demands that she be promoted to sales person, she becomes the amazing mother of two children. 5a0db3f487b3e2ff734b6f1f69e03fce

She is truly the gem of this show. I wish she were real, because I would want to be her best friend. But even in fantasy, she is a real inspiration for me. She is an example of true womanhood. To me that means, to not sink into the shadows but to speak up and take control of your life. To see the beauty in being a mother of your children. To understand your role as a wife and to every day try to be the best spouse you can be.

I see the beauty in Pam for her ordinary way of life. The beauty in her sacrifices. In her making difficult decisions. In her trials in nourishing her family. In her becoming the person she wants to be. The person she herself can respect.

Pam Beesly is my hero.




Oh I didn’t even mention what an awesome couple Jim and Pam are! Best TV couple ever ever ever! Both Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski really pull off acting truly in love with each other! No doubt that Jim and Pam are best friends. 2adeacdd90ad8f38663fd741457498ab234d95dc1c1e66b4b87a0c2e5222b0aa