18 and 19 weeks pregnant

photo1Sooo.. I’ve been kind of quiet lately, but as you may know, this last week has been spent on the road, as Marcus and I finally left Hawaii a week ago. I should probably add that the main reason that it’s been a challenge to update the blog is that I actually killed our laptop a few weeks ago. Yes, I’ve kept that to myself. But I’ve come to learn to accept my imperfection and can now face the world and admit what happened.

I spilled my chocolate banana protein shake all over it.

All over it.

It died instantly.

And I felt terrible. And because of pregnancy and hormones going berserk, I cried the rest of the day for it. It wasn’t pretty.

But that’s why. We still have our iPad but Marcus just started his online summer semester a few days ago and so my iPad minutes are limited.

So here I am, typing away late at night on my aunt and uncle’s computer.

So let me fill you in.

Uhm… not much has happened pregnancy’wise. Same symptoms and appetite. I guess there are two major things to report.

1. The baby is kicking! I started feeling… stuff, that wasn’t quite like gas or tummy rumbles, but more like the feeling of a bubble bursting right below your skin. It was pretty fun! I don’t think I would’ve realized if I hadn’t been paying such close attention, desperately hoping to feel something. Even now it’s very little I feel, but it’s definitely baby! I’m just excited for him to get stronger so he can give me a real nudge in the gut!

2. I realized how pregnant I look. After living in two small tiny apartments, virtually not buying any new furniture, it had been a while since I’d seen my full floor-length reflection. So you can imagine what a surprise it was when we walked into our hotel room and I stood face to face with reality. My first thought was that I look like a roman goddess in an old oil painting. Bulging here there and everywhere. Ironically, Marcus said the exact same thing just hours later. In other words… I am fatter than I’ve ever been. And it’s a weird feeling. But I kind of like it!

Sorry for the brief update. I have tons more pictures to throw on here later. So hang in there!

Baby is about 15 cm and weighs about 250 g. My lower back certainly is noticing the extra weight! Ouch! photo2