20 weeks pregnant

20.jpg.jpg20 weeks! Half way! How weird is that that I’m already made half a baby! … On second thought.. this past half has been crazy long… sincerely hope the second half will feel shorter.

This last week has been another week on the road toward our second home and we’re actually moving into our apartment in Salt Lake tomorrow.

AND! We picked up our new laptop yesterday, so I’m back on track with blogging. Marcus has already set a handful of ground rules so as to rule out me killing a second laptop by accident.

Pregnancywise this last week has been a little unique. I don’t know if it’s just the second trimester finally kicking in properly, but I’ve felt so good I’ve almost started doubting whether something was wrong. Because I don’t feel pregnant. I have pretty much no symptoms. I even stopped crying every day. Also I’ve been wondering how fast the baby is gonna get stronger. I guess I was expecting it to be kicking harder by now. But I’ll not worry. Not when I have a doctor’s appointment in a week.

Doctor’s appointment! I’m so excited to hear from someone who knows what they’re talking about that everything is alright and as it should be.

Oh and I can’t forget to share that last night when I went to bed and I started feeling the baby, as I usually do when I lie on my back, Marcus tried his luck yet another time to see if he could feel anything… and he says he felt something! I was so happy to see the excitement in his face. It is wonderful that everything is starting to sink in and feel more real to him now too, so we can really get excited together.