21 weeks pregnant

21.jpgAnother week gone!

Baby is now 27 cm and weighs about 360 g! No wonder I feel like I’m about to split! Last week I said I didn’t feel pregnant, since I didn’t think I was experiencing any symptoms. This week however baby must have reached a size that mama’s body could no longer ignore. Apart from constantly feeling like I just finished Thanksgiving dinner I’m starting to experience random pain around my abdomen and back if I twist or stretch. It freaked me out a little in the beginning but after it’s been happening a handful of times every day I expect it’s perfectly normal.

Also! – I totally forgot to say this the last few weeks – but … blushing! I feel like I start blushing a lot easier than ever before and a lot more than ever before. It doesn’t take more than feeling a tiny bit embarrassed before I feel the back of my neck and my ears and my entire face going redhot. What’s up with that?! I guess this is the extra blood circulating?

Well all my questions and wonderings can finally be answered tomorrow… because tomorrow is my first proper check-up and ultrasound!! Gotta say I’m a little more excited about the latter of the two.

🙂 🙂 🙂

We both feel like little kids going to bed before Christmas morning. After almost 5 months of pregnancy I can’t express how great it’s gonna feel to finally have someone take a look and reassuringly say that everything is as it should be and that the baby is healthy and doing great.

Hope that’s what they’re gonna say anyway!

So stay tuned! Within the next few days I’ll do an extra update for this week to fill in on all the juicy news we’ll get tomorrow. Yay!