Picture update – Hawaii, San Diego, LA to Salt Lake City


Saying bye to BYU campusphoto 1

Saying goodbye to our little apartment through 4 months

photo 2

For 8 months I had hoped to catch a glimpse of one of these. Not till our very last day on the North Shore did we realize how easy they are to spot. This guy was trapped on his back up on the beach. Marcus flipped him over and a few seconds after this picture was taken he had disappeared in the water.

photo 3 (1)

Also, drinking out of a coconut was something we only barely got to experience on our very last day.

photo 4

And piña coladas…

photo 3

And Duke Kahanamoku…

photo (1)

Bye bye Hawaii!

photo 2 kopia

Had to stop at this beautiful temple!

photo 1 kopia

Delicious california burrito at Lucha Libre in San Diego. What you won’t do to avoid paying for parking.

photo 3 kopia

We had sought out this Danish bakery in LA. It had been too long since I’d had my last wienerbrød. Hygge Bakery was cozy and satisfied by home sickness, but didn’t quite live up to the expectations.

photo 4 kopiaOh Southern Utah. There is nothing quite as beautiful as this little corner of the state.

photo 1

photo 5Though every picture looks like another church magazine cover picture, it’s hard not to take a few shots of this beautiful temple!

photo (2)PicMonkey CollageSister Jensen! She was a bit freaked out to see her sister pregnant. Understandable.

photo 4