Tribute to my Mother

Oh there’s One who smiles on high

When there’s love at home

There is a difference between silence and quiet. Silence is stillness without harmony. When everything suddenly seems empty and dead. On the contrary quiet is the hush of peace and happiness. The key to relaxation, the song of serenity. The calm of the wind caressing the trees, the still that allows inspiration to nourish fantasies. The hush in a still December night as the deep blue sky slowly transforms day into twilight as dimmed lights emerge from toasty living rooms where love lives in every corner.  The peace in an exhausted woman’s steady breathing as she naps on the couch. Wrapped up in a blanket she enters into a well deserved rest of gratitude as she escapes from the clutter of the worries and problems of the day. She dreams sweet dreams of sharing her tremendous love with her children as they learn of the importance of patience and righteousness. The beauty of her everlasting service and affection decorates her every feature. She is the beating heart of the family and the one who brings life and light to the rooms of her home, the one person the whole family is centered around. She bears a burden that is heavier than that of any other member of the family. A burden of given and received love. A greater love than can be expressed in words or even expressed in actions. She is a Mother.

There is beauty all around,

When there’s love at home! 


I wrote this on a quiet December afternoon many years ago. I had come home from school to find my exhausted mother curled up and fast asleep on the couch after having cleaned the house. This beautiful scene depicting, in many ways, true motherhood inspired me to sit down and write this little piece of thought.

I don’t know any other woman in the world who better lives up to the title of Mother than my mother does. She masters it all, from being crafty, creative, a great cook, loving to clean, loving to serve, loving her kids, loving her husband, being the steady center that the family revolves around. I feel so blessed not only to have had her as an example all my life, but also that now I am about to be a mother myself and can therefore better appreciate and understand her excellence.

I have so much more to learn from her. She is my hero.

I love you mom!