22 weeks pregnant


I don’t know if there’s a certain time when you first feel pregnant, for real. Or if I haven’t really felt it yet. But I think I have. Because up until now things were missing, either the belly wasn’t quite big enough or I hadn’t properly felt the baby kicking or I felt too good or too bad. But I think I hit it. My belly is definitely big enough now (I mean… look at that thing!), baby kicks every single day and apart from the frequent back pain and feeling tired and hungry all the time, I feel great!

Properly pregnant, I’d say!

Especially upon learning that it is not just a baby in there, but that it’s our little daughter waiting to come out and really become part of our lives. Talk about fantasy becoming reality! We have a daughter! What!!

Apart from that startling fact this week has been great. My appetite is still growing steadily. If possible? I really need to get better at eating small and frequent meals instead of wolfing down food at the pace of my husband. I just get stuffed way too fast and no matter what, I’ll still be hungry again an hour later.

Last week I went with Marcus down to the little gym in our building. It was an interesting experience, as I feel remarkably weaker than ever. It seemed to go fine while I was working out, but the rest of the day was a pain in the butt for it. We’ve been quite diligent with going for long good walks for me – or at least I feel like we have… then again I feel like a walk to the grocery store and back is pushing it. Walks are good and luckily I love walking, but my lower back strongly disagrees and gets all whiny about it after a short while. At which point there’s nothing really that helps other than lying down.

Lately I’ve noticed people being very kind and going out of their way to allow me to rest and be as comfortable as possible. And a big thanks to that! But it has made me notice the first benefit I’ve encountered from being morning sick for two months. I don’t easily feel discouraged or physically pressured, because I can’t help but be thankful that I’m not sick. A little pain in the back is like a gentle summer breeze after the storm. I really can’t complain.

So I’m enjoying pregnancy as it is. Contributing to that feeling is the fact that I am happy to see that baby is getting closer and closer to the age and size where she won’t be in absolute mortal danger if she decided to make an early dramatic entrance.

In all naiveness I wouldn’t mind too much if she arrived a tiny bit early.

But! Status quo: baby is getting closer to 30 cm (!!) and is supposed to be the size of a papaya..? Is it just me or have the last many fruits and veggies been about the same size? And I am glad to announce that I have still not gotten any stretch marks on my abdomen (may it last as long as possible!). I was blessed not to get the apparently common linea nigra so I’m crossing my fingers to avoid the “outtie” belly button as well!