24 weeks pregnant

o-maticDid I stop growing? I feel like my belly has looked pretty much the same in the last 4 pictures. Waiting for the next growth spurt.

So you may notice that there’s a lot about smells in the cloud this week. If you have been pregnant before you may not be as surprised as me. I thought pregnancy was all about craving donuts and cheese puffs! So here I was waiting for some weird food craving to set in when a package of new shoes came that my mom had ordered to our house. Being the good daughter that I am, I offered to open the package and make sure all the right pairs were there in the right sizes. And that’s when it happened… I pulled out this fresh pair of navy blue Crocs and involuntarily took a whiff. And it was heavenly.. it set my senses on fire and immediately I wanted more.

I know… it is probably not good for a pregnant woman to get herself addicted to fumes from sitting with her nose in a shoe all day… so I didn’t. But I have to admit to the embarrassing fact that instead I simply carry it with me around the apartment. You know when you move from room to room and you maybe bring your phone or water bottle? That’s when I bring the shoe. And it’s just there for a little sniff of comfort once every 10 minutes when I need a little flutter of happiness. – I totally sound like a junkie. Don’t judge me. photo (2)

Another craving that I actually haven’t mentioned yet is ice. I have come to loooove sucking on and chewing ice cubes. Or ice in any shape really! It is my candy. Instead of complaining that we don’t have any chocolate when we sit down to watch our show in the evening I go to the freezer and fill up a glass of ice and I’m all a’fiddle! It has even come to the point where I’ve had people recommend ice to me. Either out of unconditional love for all ice or for being a little European girl where ice is usually something we freeze and not buy, I didn’t understand how some ice could be better than others. But heck! any excuse to have more ice in my freezer!

So I guess you could say I’m happy that my cravings so far at least won’t be hard to shake off at the gym. But maybe that’s because I still don’t have access to the wide spectrum of Danish food that is awaiting me at home! For proof of this check out my Pinterest board called All things Danish……

Baby girl is still doing great I believe! Either all her kicking and moving are out of joy for being healthy and happy or it’s from tiring claustrophobia in a way too small uterus. I can’t help but think about that every time she moves. I’m sorry baby!! When you come out I’ll only swaddle you snugly if you really want me to!

She weighs about 700 grams this week and now I can actually feel it! Especially every time it has been more than 10 minutes since I last peed. So just about all the time.

Also – I apologize for any mistakes there might be in this post on behalf of my overgrown tummy that seems to be sneakily clicking on the mouse while I’m writing.