26 weeks pregnant


Sigh… it happened.

So for the past 6 months I’ve dreaded but expected becoming a big white pregnant whale with swollen ankles, feet and .. swollen everywhere, I guess. Especially since we found out we’re having a girl, I have seen it written in people’s eyes – the common suspicion that women carrying girls will not only grow a big tummy but will also grow generally wider.

But during my first trimester I lost weight and still looked slim with a big belly when I started showing. I got hopeful. Maybe I could make it through the full 9 months this way! I started looking up things I could do to prevent swelling. I made sure I moved around and went on walks every day and that I kept my feet up whenever I sat down.

But then this week I was sitting in my living room with my grandma after a nice long day in the sun. We were talking about how my pregnancy was doing when she suddenly asked whether I had noticed if my ankles and feet were swelling up a little yet. I started to wave off her question but figured I may as well take a look. And, oh dear, they were. Not a ton, but definitely bigger than my ankles and feet had ever been. My immediate reaction was, what did I do wrong??!

It took a while for me to calm down and realize this was only to be expected and was probably inevitable. Just 10 minutes later I asked my mom for her phone so I could see the pictures we had taken that day. I came across a picture of a group picture with myself in it and I couldn’t suppress a small whimper. I looked huge. It was not just my feet. I didn’t even allow myself the hope of thinking it might just be a bad picture. The day had come. And there was nothing I could do about it.

(I’m still debating whether or not to put the picture in the post, but I think I’ll spare myself the embarrassment of the thought of all of you studying my newfound plumpness. Though I know you have the best of intentions, of course.)

Goodness! That was week 26!