Goodbye Salt Lake, seat bumps and leaving my husband

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It was time to take the next trip on the Krylborn Journey of Life. But this time we weren’t taking it together.

Leaving Marcus in Salt Lake wasn’t easy – I talked about my crying craziness just last week – But we decided months ago that it was the best thing to do. I cried a good deal the days leading up to my departure, but not quite enough to ensure that I didn’t break down the morning we left. I wonder if I could have prevented that at all. Probably not. It’s definitely a big help that I’ll be with my family in the meantime, but it just makes it worse to know that he won’t have anyone there with him. Though it’s all a really hard situation, I can’t help but be a little fascinated by the fact that I care about him so much that I worry more about his dealing with it all than my own. It’s really amazing that you can come to really love someone that much in such short time.

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My “we’re leaving the apartment” -selfie sent to Marcus who was at work at the time. – Yes, I know what I’m doing. And no, I’m not a huge fan of selfies.

Anyway, again, fortunately, (too many adverbials) my mom was there too to fly home with me. Thank goodness! I can’t imagine what that trip would have been if she hadn’t. And the luck we had! According to our boarding passes it didn’t look like we were seated next to each other on two of our three flights. The one, of course, being our last and shortest flight of only an hour. The kind lady at check-in said there was nothing she could do, so we decided to try our luck asking some of our fellow passengers to swap seats with us.

But when we got on our first flight we were surprised to see that we had been seated next to each other after all! (one of those flights for more intellectual people where seats D and F are actually next to each other) aaand that we were seated in the front row of economy – here meaning that we had all the leg space we could ever dream of!

Our layover in Chicago was only half an hour and was pretty stressful but when we got to the gate we were informed that our seats had been reassigned. She gave us new boarding passes and to our astonishment found that we had been bumped to business class. Oh my goodness! Is it anyone’s dream to get that bump on an overseas flight to Europe (when you’re pregnant and just said goodbye to your husband), or what? We managed to contain ourselves (almost) so the rest of the fancy people wouldn’t know that we weren’t actually part of their gang. I think they may have gotten suspicious with time as it seemed we were the only ones snapping pictures of our food and high-fiving every time we found more “free stuff” stowed at our seats. And as my mom correctly recognized, “this is the only long flight I’ve been on where I’ve heard laughter, there is happiness on this side of the curtain”.


Me looking all fancy-like with my “welcome aboard” drink that was offered to pass time while waiting for take-off. Pretty nifty!

20140617_143050You could basically adjust those seats to any crazy position imaginable.

20140617_155436My appetizer an hour into the flight. And yes, in the background is my own very own tablet with many many movies and shows to keep me entertained.

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Breaking all the rules and wearing compression socks in Crocs sandals. Don’t judge me – are YOU pregnant?? Realizing that I for sure didn’t fool anyone on that flight.

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Before we knew it we were back in Denmark. It only took me an hour or two before I’d made my mom take me to a bakery to pick up some real danish food.

Folks, I’m home!