28 weeks pregnant


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Third trimester!!

What the…! It’s almost over! It seems I’ll have a baby before I know it.

A baby!

For me! My own… it is so surreal.

And I’m back in Denmark – in this case, meaning that I can get any food I feel like! The thing is it’s been a little bit of a let down. After my experience with ice and amazing smells, I thought Danish pastries might trigger the same kind of craving. But no. Don’t get me wrong, they were of course amazing, but not to die for.

However, other things have started to pop up. Very unexpected things. Things that aren’t food nor smells. Like vacuuming… the other night my mom took out the vacuum cleaner to go on a regular spider hunt around the house – on my little sister’s request. (Spiders don’t get crazy big in Denmark or anything… well, unless you don’t catch them when they’re small) And, well… she turned it on and instantly I was smitten. I don’t know why… I remember growing up I’ve always loved that warm smell the fan blew out of the top. Maybe that’s it? Or it’s the feeling I get when I see a floor getting cleaner instantly. Because lately I’ve also gotten the same feeling when I brush my teeth. When I scrub them clean. Scrub by scrub. Until they are all nice and good smelling.

I don’t know! Just know that I have a crazy urge to vacuum.

Ooh! Maybe vacuuming my parent’s new car (awesome smell!) would be fun!

Seriously, the way I react to smells around me now and the way they make me feel, makes me want to never stop being pregnant.

… I hope I’ll learn to love my baby as much.

On the more negative side I’m also experiencing heartburn for real now. I’ve had it before, but not enough to complain about or even consider a symptom. But this last week has sucked because of it. I only get i for about an hour or two at a time, but it’s gross when all your food and drinks seem to taste the same. Like acid.

Baby is certainly starting to draw a lot of attention to herself. She feels so big/strong now that it seems that instead of just kicking or punching she’ll annoyingly give long outward pushes. Just push and push until I finally push back. Huh, maybe she’s waiting for a high-five?