29 weeks pregnant

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This pregnancy is going by so fast!

I know I’ve said it before but this week, again, I feel like I feel REALLY pregnant for the first time. As in table-top belly, comfortable shoes, huffing and puffing to get out of chairs, “I’m gonna go lie down and rest for a bit”, belly-button visible through every top (yes, it happened), sitting like a man -kind of pregnant.

Also had an appointment with my midwife this week. Seriously, I feel addicted to hearing doctors telling me that everything sounds and looks like it’s supposed to. Makes me want to cry every time!

I really can’t hide it anymore. Sometimes I almost feel a little like Harry Potter. — you now, people look at my belly before they look at my face.. And I really can’t get used to all the spontaneous belly patting from people. Is there some unspoken rule that it’s okay to trespass on someone’s personal space and touch their body instead of the usual shaking their hand just because they’re pregnant?

I’m confused.

– but a little intrigued by the thought that maybe that allows me to touch everyone else’s tummy back!

Oh my goodness, Baby is growing fast! And she’s moving around A LOT! No one told me I would be able to actually feel her body under my skin! On Tuesday my midwife felt my tummy and was able to tell me where her butt, legs and head were. Ever since then I’ve made it my personal mission to learn to be as cool as her. But it’s proving a bit difficult. So if you ever see me massaging my belly with my tongue sticking out and a concentrated look on my face, it’s just because I’m trying to figure out if that lump is a butt or a face. – Sorry Baby!

I have decided to define the way I feel as being of no age. I feel like an old person all the time, having to wear comfy shoes so my feet don’t get too pressured and having to sit down all the time. And even if I sit down for too long my back will start hurting as much as if I had stayed on my feet. Ergo, I actually have to go lie down and rest every day. Guess I shouldn’t sound so surprised.

Also, I feel like a little child, restless and buzzing with this unexpected energy that pops up whenever I remain seated for too long, urging me to get up and walk around, pick up my phone, may as well go pee, wasn’t my tummy itching earlier? maybe I could do that with my hands. – definitely makes it complicated to fall asleep sometimes.

But then when I sleep.. I SLEEP! And it seems there’s no point to where I could sleep and actually wake up energized. I could go back to bed anytime.

I know I talk a lot about stuff like this, but all in all I feel like this pregnancy is really going a lot easier than I expected. Apart from my introductory two months of morning sickness I’ve felt pretty great.

Hope I didn’t just jinx it!

Anywho! That was the blabbering for this week. Can’t believe there’s only 10 weeks left! – hopefully less!