34 weeks pregnant

photo (36)

I guess I’m starting to realize I won’t be pregnant for much longer and that I should start enjoying the last weeks to their fullest. Having thought that, the last few days it seems that being pregnant just got a tiny bit harder.

So I don’t know if it’s just me.. but I feel like I haven’t grown very much the last weeks. Been looking through the last pictures and it looks pretty much the same to me. However, I can definitely tell I’m getting heavier, which is no surprise as Baby Girl is doing nothing but putting on weight all day. Fatten up that child, I say! Anyway… pregnancy is a good motivation to not get overweight in the future.

I’ve been having small contractions a few times a day the last weeks. But a few days ago we were in bed about to fall asleep and I seriously had one that lasted at least an hour. I had to get out of bed and walk around a bit to clear my head. We got a tiny bit worried, and I managed to get all excited thinking it was almost time, until pulled up Google and found out it was pretty normal. Darn..

She’s not kicking as hard as she has, due to the little space left in there for her. I mainly just feel her moving – and I try really heard not to get sad cause I’d just hate my life if I had that little space! Also, in some ways she seems more and more like a real baby. I can even tell when she wakes up when I have one of my 3+ daily servings of ice chips or like tonight when we went to a soccer game with the family she seemed to jerk awake when the commentator started talking and the loud fans started singing. It took a while, but she did finally settle down and seemed to fall back asleep. Hope that’s a sign she’ll be able to shut out noise outside of the womb as well. (please please please!)

Apart from that I’m feeling pretty good, though still very ready to wear this baby on the outside instead. It’s pretty amazing how it’s natural to feel that way. I haven’t given birth yet, but because of that feeling of “being done” I actually feel excited out of my wits to give birth! How about that! I’ve never heard of a woman who wished to just keep the baby inside rather than just pushing it out and getting it over with. Pretty nifty! Feel pretty proud of being a woman.