35 weeks pregnant

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Baby good… Mama good… Daddy good…

Could it just be time already??

This week my body hit another wall.. I’ve had a few tough days where I really just feel exhausted and any task just seems a little too hard to overcome. We’re staying with Marcus’ parents in Stockholm for a few weeks and (thank goodness!!) they have a pool!! Anyway, the other day Marcus asked if I wanted to run down and take a dip. We didn’t have a lot of time, so as wonderful as it would have been, I just couldn’t stand the thought of changing, getting in the pool, showering and getting ready all over again just for 10 minutes of pleasure. Again, I was just brought to tears instead. – my crying attacks sort of went away when Marcus was gone, but it seems to have returned stronger than ever now that he’s back .. guess I just needed that shoulder.

So I have to share the one memorable pregnancy related thing that happened this week – since, as you’ve probably noticed, these last few months are quite uneventful. So… I’ve of course been expecting milk coming out some time in the last trimester. Well, it happened this week. I had gone to bed and we were just falling asleep when I noticed that I was all wet down the front. Since then it’s happened a few times – less dramatic – and I can’t quite crack what triggers it. – Sorry for the details, but hey this is another sign that baby can come out now!

Also, nesting is for sure setting in. I lie awake for hours at night because I feel restless and stressed that I’m not doing anything. Annoyingly, this seems to only be a problem after lights-out.

Baby Girl is growing steadily. I said last week that I didn’t feel like I’d grown. I take it back. I’m definitely growing and I can even feel it. My belly hasn’t been this itchy yet, so it must be stretching like crazy. If I get more stretch marks the bump will be solid purple by the time I give birth.

She’s kicking less and less. Or probably as frequently but not for as long as usual. Almost as if she starts moving but stops when she gets tired of trying to stretch out in that small of a space. It seems like she’s rolling over a ton though. Often I wake up and I can feel her back on the opposite side of the belly from where she was the day before. It’s a good thing she won’t remember anything in a few years, otherwise I can imagine we’d have a horrible case of traumatic claustrophobia on our hands.

Come out, baby!