36 weeks pregnant

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What a frustrating pregnancy week!

Last week I talked about feeling a bit restless when I went to bed. I wish that was still my biggest problem.

When last week bedtime meant me finally getting some energy and feeling ready to get to work, this week bedtime means my body warming up and getting tingly and finally insanely itchy. Like literally .. insanely. And not just the bump but also especially my hands, feet, arms, legs and hips. I can lie awake for hours just focusing all my attention on not scratching and lying still. Seriously, it’s to the point that all I can think of doing is crying it out. I wonder if this is another way for my body to prepare me to be patient and long-suffering. If so, I hope it’s working.

Over the weekend I mainly treated it with oils. I figured that would be best. This morning though I was so bad and awake crying at 5am that Marcus sent me to take a shower. Being back in my parents house for the night I tried a lotion my mom got at Matas here in Denmark. It helped better than anything, so I went and got my own today. Excited to see how I’ll sleep tonight.

Contractions are coming several times a day now and they can last up to 30 minutes. Though they’re slightly more powerful now, I can’t help but get a little excited every time. Is it time yet??

I don’t know if I have become “nesting-disfunctional”. Lately I’m just tired. All the time. I can sleep in, be tired by noon, take a nap.. and feel ready to go to bed again before dinner. These days we’re moving into our next apartment here in Aalborg and normally I’d love getting settled, unpacking and doing IKEA runs and all that, but now I just feel tired thinking about it. Tonight I was brave enough to go to IKEA with Marcus though we had already spent a great deal of the day shopping. I think it must have been the shortest visit there we’ve ever done. Less than an hour!! High-five!

As unnatural as it may be I think I may feel less like getting all the work done before the baby comes and more like I just need to get this baby out so I can finally concentrate on getting some work done. I realize that is probably pretty stupid.