38 weeks pregnant

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What a great week! As horrible and as hard as last week was this week was a stroll in the park compared.

So I was sent to the hospital to do a blood test for my itchiness. At the time I was still experiencing sleepless nights due to my vigorous scratching and general going-insane’ness. But it seems that as soon as the doctors had gotten what they needed, my body seemed to decide it was all a great joke and went back to being normal. Since that day I’ve actually slept peacefully all night (except for frequent bathroom breaks of course) and I’ve stopped using the two liters of lotion every day. I feel amazing! I expect post-pregnancy is gonna feel somewhat like this to some degree – being a little more comfortable in your own body again.

Now I’m only hoping this isn’t a silence before the storm or if this is my body laying off because I’m gonna go two weeks overdue or something.

At the hospital they also monitored Baby’s heartbeat and movements and my contractions for half an hour. Afterwards they did  a quick ultrasound to measure her size, and everything seemed picture perfect! – still can’t get enough of doctors telling me that!

Poor Marcus was all excited about seeing her on the ultrasound, since he wasn’t there for the last one. But since Baby is so big and lying so scrunched up now, to us it seemed as if we may as well have put the ice cold goo on Marcus belly instead.

But who cares. We get to see her face to face in just two weeks!!

– You hear that Baby? Two weeks!

— OH! Also, I’m still in the continued process of tossing things in my hospital bag. I am wide open for tips and good ideas for what to bring. Anything you found handy, comforting or just practical to have with you? Much appreciated!