My five favorite pregnancy products

photo five favorite pregnancy products

Well… This pregnancy is almost over, so I feel it is about time to do some summarizing. Maybe if I pretend it’s over, Baby will make her exit a little sooner.

So I thought I’d share my top five favorite products that have either been indispensable must-haves or simply extremely smart and neat to have for these last nine months. Five products that I’ll definitely be digging out again as soon as the test comes back positive next time.

Here goes…

1. Crocs

As you may recall, a few months ago when we were still in Salt Lake, my mom ordered a box full of shoes to our apartment, of which I fell in love with one particular pair that I sniffed and sniffed for a month. Anyway, I can’t say I’ve ever been a huge fan of Crocs – or more specifically, the way they look – but honestly, I don’t know what I would’ve done without a pair of Crocs this summer. I got to borrow a pair that were actually for my little sister. The model looks more like a sandal and has been great in the warm weather. One of the things that surprised me the most about being pregnant was how heavy you get in such a short time that your legs, hips and especially feet are totally left to give up. These shoes have saved my third trimester – there’s nothing to talk about. I wear them everywhere and I swear they add another good hour or two where any sandal or flip-flop I’ve owned wouldn’t stand a chance.

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2. Green smoothies

I’m blessed to be married to a newly converted green smoothie believer. He managed to get us both really excited about it and we actually got into some pretty good routines last winter. But in all honesty, once morning sickness came around, I was anything but the enthusiastic supportive wife I had been. I remember one morning in particular. Marcus had early classes and he made me a green smoothie just before leaving. I, lying in bed as close to the bathroom door as possible, took one sip of the green drink. Not 30 seconds later was I crouching over the toilet. Experiences like these leave a mark and it took me a while to work up the courage to try one again. I can’t say for sure what difference it would’ve made if I hadn’t had them, but the reason that I recommend green smoothies is that they are fast and easy nutrition. Especially in the first half of your pregnancy where you may be feeling the most under the weather, it is great to be able to just down a smoothie in the morning, knowing that you’ve got the greens and essential nutrition you need for that day.

For recipes for green smoothies we highly recommend Simple Green Smoothies, who have as many different recipes as you could ever dream of!

3. Maxi dress

I, like I’m sure many others, didn’t want to go spend a ton of money on maternity clothes that I probably wouldn’t be able to wear anymore as soon as the belly had popped. So I made it my mission to go searching for normal clothes that could also be worn around the bump. This proved quite difficult as my third trimester has been during the entire summer and it’s a little harder to squeeze into a normal t-shirt than into a normal sweater. But I had a few strokes of luck. One of them is this blue t-shirt maxi dress from H&M’s basics collection ( thank you Sweden for blessing the rest of the world with H&M! ). I’ll take a wild guess that it isn’t very expensive normally, but I bought it on sale for just 75 DKK (about 13 USD) and it has become my favorite pregnancy outfit. Having been very pregnant over the summer I needed clothes that allowed a breeze and that didn’t sit too tight. I got this dress my normal size and though it’s tight around the belly, which I think has a nice slimming effect, it’s still as comfortable as I could’ve expected. The slits in the sides allow for the legs to get some air too, and an additional plus is that it shows off just enough of your legs and cuts out just enough to hide the fact that they’re swollen. I would recommend wearing it with a long cardigan though for even more of a slimming effect and to hide your butt if you – like me – are not comfortable with that tight of a stretch over your bum.

If I’m ever pregnant over the summer again I’ll probably just get five of these in different colors.

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4. Tracy Anderson workout

I wasn’t the most fit toned person before I got pregnant and I wasn’t naive enough to think I could transform myself during pregnancy. So when I decided to do Tracy Anderson’s: the Pregnancy Project it was mainly to keep in tact what muscle I had and to make it slightly easier for me to start working out seriously once the baby is out. So naturally, I didn’t expect to see any results. However, I did! I was probably the most diligent with my workouts during the end of my first trimester and into my second. The results I saw were mainly that my butt was higher and my thighs slimmer. Also, it made me feel a lot better and stronger, especially after two months of lying in bed feeling weaker than weak. I needed that. As I got into my third trimester however, water and swelling caught up with me, and well, not much you can do about that.

After having such a good experience I’m now trying to put together a workout plan for me to lose the preggo fat and for the first time in my life get into good shape, and I for sure want that plan to involve Tracy’s post-pregnancy program.

5. Compression leggings from Preggers by Therafirm

Oh leggings. Leggings in general are for sure a must-have on my list of pregnancy products. But I am happy to announce that I will be hosting a giveaway for Preggers by Therafirm gradient compression legwear. I’ve been wearing their compression leggings designed to reduce swelling and increase circulation over the last month. They’re awesome! It’s that simple. The only downside I can think of is that they don’t agree well with hot summer weather. But other than that, being very pregnant with legs getting bigger every day because it slowly gets too hard to move around enough to keep the swelling at bay, they’re pretty invaluable. Oh, and they work!

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