39 weeks pregnant

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Folks. We’re down to the wire. Anytime now I’m gonna be Instagramming a cute little baby face. And no, there’s no way you’re anywhere as excited as I am. Every time I have the smallest contraction I wonder if it’s time to time it and hoping against hope that another will follow within the next half hour.

A few days ago I had a real false alarm. We were out walking and apparently my body felt like it needed to tell me immediately that I needed to quit it. It felt like my uterus was going into pretty bad cramps and we had to call my mom to come take us home. Nevertheless, no baby yet.

In the meantime we have had more time to prep for Baby’s arrival. I have now finished packing a perfect hospital bag complete with a brand new fresh pair of PJ bottoms for Mommy – figured I may as well start a tradition while we’re at it, and what in the world is better than new clean PJs?

My next waiting-for-baby-project will be to turn a desk into a changing station. Initially we had decided, in our determination to not spend a lot of money, not to get a changing table and just be monkeys and do her changing on the floor, but the last few weeks have proved that we never use that desk anyway, and I need a baby related project. I’m excited to see what I’ll manage to pull off.

This week has also been my first back to school. Don’t ask how we plan to juggle that with a baby – we’re still optimistically working on it. I’m really really happy to be back though. Not that I regret our last year, but it’s just fantastic to be back working on my education.

Dare I hope that that was the last weekly update??