Catching up on us

I really need to get better at not disappearing from off the face of the Earth for weeks at a time like this…

So here is a quick post to catch you up on what is going on over here.

Baby is doing great! – Speaking of Baby, here are some pictures!


That’s the first real of Baby’s smiles we finally caught on camera! Melt your heart!


She’s seven weeks today and has already changed so much! She finally seems to be acknowledging our presence and efforts to make her happy. She has thrown us a good amount of smiles and even allows herself to be entertained once in a while. She can lie awake for longer periods of time, looking around and even smiling at us if we speak in exact right “fairytalie” high-pitched voice. This seems to really float her boat. And her smile is beautiful enough that we don’t care about sounding stupid. Sneaky baby…

These last few weeks have been full of larger social gatherings. Marcus’ entire family came to Denmark to see our little girl and we’ve had a few dinners with my side as well. So her social skills have really been challenged. But the way that she saw fit to best handle the situation was to mentally leave the room and fall asleep. All day.

So there has been a lot of sleeping – which has made Mom and Dad’s lives easier, but also a bit boring. Funny how you can spend hours trying to calm her down, feeding, changing, singing, walking, feeding again, and when she finally falls asleep you miss her so much you wake her back up just so you can hang out again. – But when we’re at home just the three of us she is becoming quite talkative. My favorite thing is lying in bed having our first baby-conversations. It’s seriously the best thing ever!

Well… as for me, now just seven weeks after giving birth I received my first ever “Are you pregnant again?”. A very unexpected slap in the face – though I’m sure it wasn’t meant that way. But it sure motivated me to work even harder this coming week to get back into shape.

In all honesty I wanted to respond: “No I’m not. Actually I’m feeling better than I have for almost a year!” Cause I am! Working out (slowly as it may be) is getting me back on my feet faster than I expected! I don’t feel weak or tired and I’m enjoying being able to be physically agile in ways that I haven’t been since before I got pregnant. So thank you very much but I am working as hard as I can at the moment to suck this belly back in!

Can I just take another moment to praise Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide one more time? I really love this workout program. It is so flexible and absolutely perfect for me to be able to do on my own time! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose some weight, tone up or just feel a lot better! I was never the working out type of person – but I cannot emphasize enough how much better it makes me feel.

For the first time in my life I can honestly say I am happy with my eating habits. Over four weeks I have gone from wanting sweets once a day to once a week. By now I actually look forward to eating and planning to make healthy food because I know it will make me feel better. It feels good now, but I know I won’t fully appreciate having reached this milestone before I see the results it will eventually bring.

And i dropped school for now and I’m instead doing a translation job from home that I can easily balance and time around Baby. Hallelujah!

Right now we’re looking forward to Baby turning 2 months (I love scanning Pinterest for baby development articles and infographics as often as possible!), Thanksgiving (best meal of the year!), seeing some snow (that’s just me – Hawaii didn’t really deliver last year) and of course CHRISTMAS! Can’t. Wait.

More pictures! – some of these are pictures I have posted on my Instagram account. If you would like more regular picture updates of baby or my working out you can follow me at @rebecca.celeste.

IMG_4842 IMG_4747Here is Baby joining me for a morning workout. We both need to practice our push-ups!