Baby girl is 2 months!

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Two months have passed and a lot has happened since the last update!

The unresponsive reserved baby is gone! Every day she rewards our sleepless nights and sore arms with long curious looks and smiles. It is day and night compared to how she was a month ago. The other day I was trying to keep busy with my work on the laptop at the same time as I was breastfeeding. While I was typing I noticed that she had stopped sucking and I braced myself and waited for the crying to begin. When I looked down however I was caught by two huge blue eyes and a big smile. And she started cooing. I put down the laptop and we spent the next ten minutes chatting away. It just melts my heart every time I see those small signs of appreciation – not that they’re necessary, but they’re absolutely magical!

She becomes still more alert every day, and it seems that she also gets more different moods and emotions every day than the two she had when she was born.

Also (to her parents’ great appreciation) she actually enjoys lying on her tummy now. She’ll lie on a blanket and do her little push-ups and look around until she falls asleep for an hour or two. – which means her mom gets the opportunity to blog a tiny bit!

Her favorite things to do are: eating, sleeping and having her butt blow-dried after a diaper change or bath.

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