Getting the most out of the season of Christmas

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Since we celebrated Christmas last year in Hawaii – meaning no snow, no cold, no gloves, no scarves, no coats, no boots, no toasty thick socks, no snuggling up with a blanket on the couch .. you get the picture – I have been looking very VERY much forward to Christmas back here at home in Scandinavia. I’ve basically been talking about it for about a year… so now that 1 December finally came we planned a family night with hot chocolate, Christmas decorations, blankets and plenty of snuggles! Baby fell asleep pretty fast though, so Marcus and I ended up chatting for most of the time.

First, let me just say that I love Christmas – I know that’s very unique right? But every year when its over I feel like I could have done more to enjoy it and I promise myself that next Christmas I will make more of an effort. So I’ve been giving that some thought for a few weeks now, and so that is what we came to talk about tonight sipping our hot chocolate. How to get the most out of Christmas this year.

And it guess it really comes down to why you celebrate Christmas. There could be many reasons for that – gifts, family, FOOD! – but for me, as for many of you I’m sure, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ. Or rather, it is about celebrating Christ and the spirit that He brings.

And it made me think of the things that I think make Christmas special. For one, I can’t help but notice how people become a little happier during Christmas time. You’ll get more smiles back on the street, you’ll be more likely to see gestures of kindness, and more than anything you see many more examples of service.

Oh my goodness! That’s what it comes down to! Christmas Spirit is really one happy circle of being excited and happy, leading to feeling thankful, leading to feeling humble, leading to serving others, leading back to feeling even more happy!


(Get a load of those cheeks!!)

So to me it was quite simple. The way that we could get the most out of this month of Christmas is by enhancing and feeding that process. So for one thing we need to get happy and excited about Christmas – I’m putting up the last decorations while listening to Michael Bublé’s Christmas album tonight! We need to feel thankful and humble – it’s hard not to with that extremely cute baby lying asleep on the couch right there! And we need to try to serve others…

Now, great ways of doing that is finding a soup kitchen somewhere or making a Christmas donation… but since we’re poor young students and .. well I’m sure the soup kitchen thing would work for 45 minutes before the baby needed feeding again… I just really felt like we could be of service in smaller ways that might even make more of a difference – to others but maybe even more to ourselves. I mean the small unexpected ways that are just enough to light up someone’s day, like leaving a happy sticky note on someone’s wind shield, or smiling at everyone you pass on the street, or simply just making an effort to be happy and friendly when you’re around other people.

That way we would also reach our goal of getting the most out of our Christmas – because this would teach us to constantly be on the look-out for things we could do to serve. It would teach us to see other people through less judging and skeptical eyes. It would teach us to think happier thoughts and to stop wasting energy on gossiping and thinking angry thoughts. We would learn to just expect all people to have good intentions. Basically, it would teach us to be friendlier and happier people.

If I may be so selfish, I believe then we would be giving ourselves a better gift than any we would be giving away.

To get us in the right spirit we watched this short Youtube video.

Please, feel free to hit ‘play’ for instant Christmas spirit!