Christmas Favorites

Last week I was asked to do a post about my favorite Christmas songs. I’ve never been good at favorites, so I’ll do my top five. And try not to change my mind too many times. Here goes!

1. Silent Night

2. White Christmas

3. Baby it’s Cold Outside

4. O Come all ye Faithful

5. Uhm… Joy to the World!


Now we’re at it, I’ll list my five favorite Christmas movies too!

1. The Muppet Christmas Carol

2. It’s a Wonderful Life (Sorry Mom, it only made second)

3. Home Alone 2

4. The Santa Clause

5. Frozen (I just decided to add this to our list of must-sees each year)


Here’s a picture of the gingerbread house Marcus and I decorated today. It was the first one I ever did! Guess who did which side of the roof…

photo (64) (1)

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve with your families!