Baby girl is 4 months!

PicMonkey Collage (2) It sounds terrible but I’m just going to go ahead and say it anyway…

Having a newborn and having a 3 month old is night and day. It is not until the last few weeks that parenting has really become FUN! It’s not until then that I’ve started to realize that having children truly is the greatest joy in life. I honestly go to bed every night as excited as a little child to wake up next morning and play with my baby!

Yes! She can play now! She has a couple of toys that usually follow her around the house. So far we have had to hand them to her but last night she leaned over and picked one up herself. She hasn’t quite figured out yet that the noises comes when she shakes them but she’ll hold them close and suck as hard on them as only a baby can.

Her favorite toy however seems to be her own voice. She loves talking to us. If we lean down and give her a long kiss on the cheek she’ll start purring in long ‘aaaaah’s. She’ll stop in the middle of a meal to give me a smile and share a few remarks. She’ll stare at us in deep fascination when we make new sounds that she doesn’t know how to do yet. She’ll even have long conversations with herself if she wakes up from a nap or is left alone during dinner. I love her sweet little voice! I completely fell in love with it just a few hours after she was born (when she’d stopped crying), and her high-pitched squeals are just hilarious!

We’re still waiting for that first roll-over! So far she doesn’t seem very ambitious. In fact I’m not sure it has even occurred to her that that might be fun. I guess she doesn’t see her roomies roll around much… maybe that would help. She will however try as hard as her tiny abs can to sit up. 8 times out of 10 when she cries it’s because she wants to sit up, stand up, be picked up, get a new view or do something else.

Actually she doesn’t cry very much at all these days. It’s wonderful to have a somewhat more diplomatic baby. If she’s bored or in a bad mood she can most often be persuaded to enjoy a pleasant conversation, game or meal.

I am starting to miss the tininess of when she was a newborn (she’s growing soooo fast!) but I have to admit that this has been my favorite age so far!

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This facial expression completely melts my heart!

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