Returned missionary

Yesterday was one of those days when you wake up and it is as if time stands still. Because the day you have been counting down to for months has finally come.

After 18 months of full-time service as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints my sister finally came home! Talk about a long day of work!

It was so great to see her and to feel that nothing had changed. It was so fun to have her meet Baby for the first time. Baby wasn’t quite as excited to see her though – she’ll grow wiser with time.

It’s ironic how the whole process of saying goodbye and being without a family member for a while really brings you closer together when you’re reunited. It was really an experience for me to watch as she threw her arms around my brothers and sister and seeing the tears in their eyes. That alone made me remember how much I love all of them. I love my family. I wish I was better at seeing reminders like that without having to send one of them away for a few years.

And like it is with days like those, I feel surprised that life keeps going on. Now all there’s left to do is have a lot of fun!