Running with the family

I’ve always hated running. I’ve had periods here and there when I’ve gotten into good running routines. But I guess I never stuck to it long enough to learn to enjoy it. I’ve just always had a hard time motivating myself to keep going when there was no ball or team mates or table with cake to run to. But as much as I want to get back in shape and as much as I wish I could just lift weights in a gym, I realize I need to do some proper cardio as well.

So the last few weeks Marcus and I have put it back on our weekly to-do list. And last week we, along with some friends, began a challenge to run 10 km a week (it’s nice to have someone to answer to).

After a few days of just taking turns to go out, we decided it would be more fun to do it as a family. Also, spring had finally come to Denmark and it was just hard to not be outside and enjoy the sunshine. So we suited up the baby and walked together to the park. Then we spent the next hour taking turns running laps and watching birds with Baby. And it was a lovely thing!

To us it’s a perfect way to get outside and spend some quality time with the family. We get our workout and Baby’s nap out of the way at the same time.


I guess bird watching makes babies sleepy after a while. She got a good half hour nap.

IMG_1871A red-nosed sleep-drunk baby on our way home from the park.

– Also a red-nosed Mama.