7 things to teach my daughter before she turns 10


The city has for a while been full of reminders that Irish Mother’s Day is coming up next week.
So happy early Mother’s Day Ireland!


1// Remember who you are

This is what my own mom would say every day when we left for school. Remember who you are is still a phrase that I give a lot of thought to as an adult. Remember that you are loved. Remember that you are valued. Remember your principles. Remember your talents. Remember where you come from. Remember your dreams.
It meant a lot to me that my mother thought it important that I keep all those things in mind throughout even the most regular boring days. I think that it is during the uneventful unchallenging times of our life that our true selves are revealed.

2// You can do anything you want

This is a lesson that really took me a long time to learn myself. I think there is a big difference in learning that you can do SOME hard things, and learning that you can do ANY hard things. And the latter is the correct one. I want to teach you that although you may have discovered that you’re good at dancing you may have yet to discover that you’re also good at swimming. Talents shouldn’t define who you are, they should be used as stepping stones to achieve who you want to become.


3// Work hard

My parents taught me to work hard and in so doing have given me some of my most cherished gifts: my ability to be patient and to be happy with what I have. Hard work is necessary to achieve the most essential things in life like an education, career, or even our highest hopes and dreams.  More than anything, the ability to work hard can be applied to our personal development. This life is a long obstacle course during which we have all the time and resources to polish and fine-tune our very selves.

4// Never be ashamed of who you are

Life is too short to miss out on happy times by trying to be like someone other than yourself. It will not make you happier and it will especially not make the people you feel pressured by happier. Attractiveness comes from confidence and enhanced good qualities. Find out what your good qualities are and bring them out in the sunshine for everyone to see!

5// Be dignified

The definition of dignity is the quality or state of being worthy of honor or respect. Notice it is not the want for honor or respect, or simply having honor or respect. It is being the sort of person that makes others willingly give you their honor or respect. Beauty truly comes from within and if you can come to understand that you yourself can generate it by exercising good qualities and manners you will never again lack confidence.


6// Happiness comes from service, progress and gratitude

So many people sink into deep discouragement when they meet dead ends in their search for happiness. I want you to know that there are three ways that will always make you happier, and they all go hand in hand: Forget yourself and your own problems and help someone else with theirs. It will not only boost your confidence and grow your heart, but it will exercise and develop your personal qualities. It will make you grateful for what you have. It will make you happy.

7// I love you

More than anything, I need you to know that I love you. With all my heart. I cherish you and I love spending time with you. You inspire me and make me want to be a better person. I will always be here to give you the comfort, the reassurance and the care that you will need. I will always be here because I will always be your mom.