Life lately: February 2016

We just had a fun week with Marcus’ sister visiting and a good weekend of spending time together. But now everything’s back to normal. Babe’s asleep and I’m spending nap time making phone calls and paying bills and such. Fun!

Went through a ton of our pictures the other day (apparently our computer doesn’t have unlimited space even when it comes to valuable family memories?), and so here’s a few from last month that were just sitting around.


Very first picture I took the evening we got our new camera! We’d been talking for a while about getting a DSLR later this year, but then one night Marcus came home and burst out that he had ordered a camera and was going to surprise me but just couldn’t hold it in any longer – so typically sweet of him! I almost started crying. (actually scratch that ‘almost’) Documenting our life and the childhood of our kids is just so important to me and I’m so grateful that we can get good quality pictures now. It’s already proven such a blessing!
So, I’m still learning to control all the settings of it so bear with me..!


This one is from my Instagram a few weeks ago. I love how the sunlight in the morning brightens up our whole living room! Also, she really likes this book – she knows exactly when to say each animal sound!


When it’s reeeaaally cold outside! It’s not actually been too cold lately but these winds go straight to your bones!


This broom is seriously one of her favorite toys! I keep it hidden in a closet but every time it comes out it’s like she’s seeing it for the first time all over again! I’m trying to teach her how to sweep but mostly she prefers to just march it around the apartment.


Had to put this one in. She discovered recently that if she fills up her teapot with bath water and flings it over the edge of the tub her mom will make loud high-pitched noises and jump away. Marcus managed to catch this phenomenon on camera.


The back of the couch has become her spot. She always curls up exactly there and lays exactly like that.

IMG_0631 (1)

Making friends! I love that she’s learning to play with other kids and to enjoy company. These two are so cute together! We’ve all made some new friends here in Dublin and it helps so much to feel at home again!
Also – that microphone is another of her favorite toys! She sings into it all day and will gladly prompt anyone to sing a few tunes into it too!


We also discovered pockets in February!


I talked a bit about this on Instagram last week but we’re enjoying watching so many little wiggles and moves that just came out of nowhere a few weeks back. Here she is dancing with her baby doll! As always Uptown Funk is still her jam!


– and pause to look at the train go by!

That’s all for now folks! Happy International Women’s Day!