Life lately: March 2016

Can’t believe March is already over and it’s APRIL! This is such an exciting time of the year! When spring is finally kicking in and cold dark days are a good 6 months away.

Here are a few of our March moments:


Love these two so much! Though it sometimes sucks during the day it makes me so happy to see how much happier she is when her Papa is home. Family is truly meant to be together.



Following this determined little lady around is just my life. Can only do my best to keep up and be there before she falls or stuffs a rock in her mouth.



Ready to jump!


Hahahaha! Is it possible to be happier than this?? It’s so inspiring to me how she expresses happiness – she shows it with her entire soul!


The other night after she got out of the tub and got to brush her teeth. She loves bath time and brushing her teeth and the late hour made her extra cuddly, so she just sat like this with her arm around my neck for the longest time. Motherhood feels so so good!


This hat! She spent a good many minutes putting it on both our heads and her own. Best game ever!


So so windy on the roof of the Google offices last weekend! It was really hard to take pictures cause this young lady just ran crazy with her tongue out having the time of her life!



Singing along to her jam. If we don’t watch out some poor guy will be forced to dance to Uptown Funk on his wedding day.