Life lately: April 2016

So I started doing these Life Lately posts in order to keep all you guys up to date, but I’m finding that now I’m completely just doing it for me! It’s just such a great way of documenting the little things month by month. I imagine I’ll go back and look through these and go, “Oooooh, that’s when we did this and that!”.


I got her this doll stroller this past month and she LOVES it! She just pushes it around the apartment wherever she happens to be going. The stroller hangs out everywhere. Under the dinner table, in the bathroom, next to the big stroller, next to her bed…. you get the picture. One thing that she just has to keep trying once in a while is to sit down in it herself. It’s tricky, cause she has to hold it steady at the same time. She also learned the first day that standing up in it is just not a good idea.


Getting the stroller has definitely improved her relationship to her baby doll! She sleeps in her bed with her now!


Haha! Her face just makes me want to say “Yup! Being a mama is not always easy! Especially that whole getting in and out of the stroller thing!”


I feel like the over all theme of april was STROLLER. Trouble and delight. From doll strollers to standing up in her own. I seriously didn’t dare take her anywhere farther than the grocery store for a few weeks there, for fear that I would end up having to stop every 10m to sit her back down all the way home. That did happen a couple of times. I took this picture the very first day she did it. Back when I just thought it was funny. Here she is cheekily waving at a bypasser.


And then there’s these days…


Walking is just better. Despite the fact that she’s getting better since we got a new stroller I try to leave the stroller at home as much as possible. It makes her very happy and generally speaking just makes our days more fun.


Spring for reals came this month!


Blowing it better.




Love this picture! I really really wouldn’t ever do her hair like this if I didn’t have to – not a huge fan of ponies that aren’t on the back of the head. But right now I only have two hairdos in my arsenal to keep my child from looking like a mess. Yes, this particular pony looks messy too. I seriously don’t know how other parents manage to keep their little girls nice-looking all the time. It keeps me up at night!