Our trip to the Cliffs of Moher


We finally did it! We had the most perfect day at the Cliffs of Moher this weekend! Along with Northern Ireland these cliffs are what everyone has been telling us to go see as soon as the sun was out. I can’t believe how lucky we were to have such amazing weather! It’s just the BEST feeling after that first summer day spent outside by the water feeling crispy sun kissed!

SO! We were so happy to be able to take this trip with two of our Dublin couple friends and their kids. We all drove down to Doolin on the west coast Friday night to stay in the most perfect little Bed and Breakfast called the Cahermaclancy Lodge. It’s run by the nicest family who live in the main house. The B&B only has three rooms that are in a separate and brand new little house, so it felt like our little group just had the whole place to ourselves – it was perfect!

I would HIGHLY recommend the Cahermaclancy Lodge to anyone who wants to spend the night near the cliffs. Whether you’re just going there with a friend or taking all four of the kids, Greg and Aoife are the kindest people and will take the best care of you!




I woke up an hour early and went on a peaceful morning walk. The sky was clear blue and everything was quiet except for cheerful bird song and waking cows. Living in the city I forget how quiet it is when it’s actually quiet! My first thought when we arrived was that all I wanted to do was wake up early, grab a pen and paper and go sit on a rock and write! I tried, but I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the gorgeously green fields!



Oh and in the morning after a delicious breakfast (I had pancakes with fresh berries!) the kids got to play in the backyard. I can’t believe these cars are still around – Sophia loved them!

PS. bed head…


The CLIFFS OF MOHER!!     **Haaaaallelujah!**



Marcus dared me to jump the wall to get this shot. Totally worth it.

After this some other people started doing it as well and a guy in a golf cart came up and told them off. Fortunately we had already left – I probably would’ve started crying from embarrassment if I’d gotten caught!





So it is now my firm opinion that all Irish sights should be enjoyed with the sound of bagpipes playing Amazing Grace. I’m just gonna take this guy everywhere from now on.


Just because the weather was so darn perfect we decided to make the absolute most of our trip. So we went on a boat tour along the cliffs as well. It was so nice and warm and these pictures just do not capture the breathtaking majesty of seeing these cliffs from below!



Puffins! Puffins everywhere! and these little penguin looking guys called guillemots!


Ah, Sophia. She had a rough day despite all the excitement. The boat tour happened to be during her nap time and she didn’t cope too well with skipping it. That hour was full of crying, thumb-sucking, more crying and leaking her diaper – on her mom.
This picture is a couple of hours later after a good nap in the car and food in her belly! Still can’t get over the fact that I have a kid who is old enough to get a Happy Meal!