Sophia at 20 months


I heard someone say recently that their favorite part about parenting was seeing the triumph in their kids’ eyes when they finally accomplished something hard.

This past month has brought many opportunities for me to experience that! It is the best.
I keep telling Marcus that it seems she aged a year when she turned 20 months. Her patience has prolonged, her listening intensified and her words sweetened. Several times every day she’ll walk into the room saying “Hi!”, run and snuggle up on the couch next to me and talk my ears off in long endless sentences. If she accidentally steps on my hair and I look hurt she immediately bends down, strokes my hair and kisses my face. She knows that “please” is a magic word and gladly applies it to any given circumstance.

I know I said she has become more patient but at the same time my heart sinks so often when I see her deep hopelessness when she fails at simple things – especially physical disability or loss of words. She’s learning so many new words every week, and although she is obviously super excited about the newfound freedom of expressing herself too often her questions turn into tearful pleading when her vocabulary runs out. Soon baby, soon!
This morning I got out some puzzles that she’s had for months but she’s never learnt to use. So today I thought I’d try to teach her. I think to her it was just a 15 minutes of constant frustration (see picture below), but to me those few times when she managed to push the piece into it’s place were pure magic. Tomorrow is another day!






These curls! I seriously get happy every day that they’re still here! I just want her baby hair to stay like this forever!



These blocks! Another activity I’ve been hoping to catch her onto for a while. It’s pure pleasure to watch her go all by herself to the toy box, fish out a few blocks and slowly stack them while quietly counting, “doo, dee…”.

She cracks us up these days with the funny little things she says in her attempts to sound like us. Somewhere she picked up saying “uhm..” randomly in her rants. To questions she’ll usually answer “mhm!” or “no!”. She expects to get just about anything she wants once she’s smiled and said “peeeeeeeesh?”. If she wants your attention she’ll call your name loud and clear, “Mamaaaaa?”. She is convinced she knows all the words to Let it go and knows exactly when to shout “dance!” and bust a few moves during the instrumental part.

Ugh! I love her so much! Now is a good time to stop growing!