Enjoying the Dublin heat wave


We’re “suffering” from a heat wave here in Dublin. It’s been 20-21 degrees the last few days and apparently it may not happen again. So we’ve made it an extra high priority to be outside.

Last Saturday we decided to go up to Howth. It’s a cute little fishing town on the cliffs north of the city. On our way up there we suddenly noticed that we were on the wrong train and had to get off and catch a train to go back a few stops. When it was already too late we found out that we’d gotten on a fast train back to Dublin. *Facepalm* Although for a second there Marcus was thinking about giving up we finally boarded the right train and got to Howth a few hours later than expected. It was a good thing we were with good friends and could laugh about it right away.
But we agreed that it was totally worth the hassle. Howth is full of small streets and sail boats and the evening sun only made everything even prettier. We went to Howth Market and got a huge hotdog to share. After picnicking in the park we went for a walk on the pier to look at the boats. Second only to silent snowfall in December after dark is summer evenings when the sun is the most orange and people have used up their extra summer energy during the day and are just hanging out with their loved ones. The world seems to be more alive during summer.








Yesterday we spent the day eating sandwiches in the park, and today we went to the beach! Sandymount Strand is nice and sandy but because of the low tide the water must be a km from the road. BUT there were a couple of warm pools of water in the sand that were perfect for a little 1 year old to splash in – or it would’ve been if her mom had thought to put her in a bathing suit. It didn’t take long for Sophia to get soaked waist down and just a little longer for me to give up the fight and just let her do her thing.