Life lately: May 2016


It’s that time of year when after it’s been warm for a couple of weeks it seems like you’re in a whole new world and the rest of the past year is centuries ago. So here’s a sneak peak into our world lately.


This picture pretty much sums it up: picnics in parks, picnics in parks, picnics in parks! The sun’s been out and it’s just been so nice and warm, and this is about the only thing I could think of doing to enjoy it. Unlike this picture our days in the park usually consist of me leaving behind our cozy little setup on the grass every 5 minutes to go chase my 1 year old because despite my calling her name 10 times she’s still bounce-running as fast as she can down the path without so much as looking back.

I’m learning that no amount of preparation, be it snacks, balls, blankets, more snacks.. at the end of the day our so called “picnics” are basically a baby wipe themed upside down version of musical chairs.


Because spending a lot of time outside means inevitable stroller time, which means inevitable stroller snacking.


My little sister came to visit this month and not only did I bargain myself a much needed trip to IKEA but we had so much fun every day for a week! Sophia calls her ‘Dayda (Jessica) Ho-ho (Jessica wore a hat on Facetime once back in… November? and Sophia’s train of thought went as follows: Hat.. Who else did I just learn about who wears a hat? Santa Claus! What does Santa Claus say?)’. Ergo: Dayda Ho-ho!

I’m so excited to go home and see my family next month!!


Another feature of this month was our trip to the Cliffs of Moher! It was pretty amazing! Read more about our trip here!


Next Marcus parents came to visit and they brought Sophia’s new best friend, Pippi Longstocking. I had to throw this picture in here because of the priceless face she doing. I love when her eyebrows furrow in concentration cause I can just hear her little toddler brain working on high-speed and I almost die from curiosity! Start putting together sentences already, girl! So I can unlock your little confused mysteries!
Also this brow-furrowed expression comes with tight lips – special bonus!


And then of course an excess of pictures of Sophia that didn’t make it into blog posts or Instagram…

I call this one, ‘because running without your tongue sticking out is just not enjoying life’.


Oh I think I mentioned we finally got a famous 99 ice cream cone in Dun Laoghaire – I’m sorry to say.. it’s not all that. So unless you just want soft serve and don’t care about the consequence and if you like these card-board cones and Flake chocolate bars (which in my opinion don’t qualify as chocolate) – then DON’T get a 99!


This magical shot suddenly happened a few weeks ago when we brought the camera to snap some pictures on our way to church. Alice in Wonderland meets the yellow brick road!


The beach was a-okay! She got so wet so fast after this picture was taken! At the end of the day she rode the train home in a wet diaper and tummy-revealing sweater. I’ll remember to bring a change of clothes next time, babe.

Somersaults! Trying so hard, so hard. I’m so excited to see her reaction when one of these days she takes the leap, forgets her fears and gets up realizing she’s on the other side!


This is probably the moment this month that hit me the hardest realizing that she’s growing up! This is her friend’s scooter – her friend is a year older and Sophia has been watching her scoot around like a pro. So the other day Sophia got her chance to try it and I was so shocked to see her jump on in and take off – I could almost hear her mutter over her shoulder as she passed, “I got this…”.

That’s all for May! We have a fun summer coming up and I’m so excited to see what fun moments it’ll bring!