Baby #2 is on its way!


I let the secret out on Instagram and Facebook a couple of days ago that I am expecting! Our new little family member is due February and so I’m just about to finally flee the first trimester.

I say flee because the first trimester is of course never fun – but in truth the past three months were no where near is bad (like not even anywhere close) as it was last time around. When I was pregnant with Sophia I spent those terrible weeks pretty much exclusively indoors and horizontal force feeding myself bananas, raisins and risengrød.
So this time I braced myself for the week 6 trauma, cleaning the toilet every day just in case, but all that came was mild nausea, loss of appetite and real fatigue. I’ve been able to keep on with my life and thankfully to go on our planned vacation home to Denmark and Sweden and have fun with our families. I’ve slowly started to feel better since week 10 so I’m hoping for some second trimester energy by the time we’re back in Dublin.

The prospect of having Baby #2 is a little scary but definitely not as scary as Baby #1. We both felt that we were excited and ready and were so happy when the test came back positive. If I’m totally honest the sweet daydream of cradling a warm soft little bundle of goodness has not at all been in my head since then though. I’ve been to distracted remembering all the sucky details about pregnancy that I’d blissfully forgotten as soon as it was over last time. Funny how that works?
Fortunately now that I’m feeling a bit better I’m starting to get glimpses of that dream again once in a while. After all, my least favorite part of pregnancy is over now.

But overall, we’re so terribly excited to be a family of four – and especially to see Sophia become a big sister! She’ll definitely resent us for giving her less attention, but I seriously thing the best thing we could give her would be her own little baby brother or sister to help take care of! She loves lying down with me and watching videos of week-by-week baby progress and willingly bends down to say ‘Hello Baby!’ whenever prompted.

Okay, now that daydream is all I can think about!