Gender Reveal: the build-up

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So yeah I’m totally drum-rolling this post. I have my ultrasound next week so hopefully this post will have a follow-up in a week.

The pregnancy has gone so well so far. Compared to my pregnancy with Sophia I was hardly morning sick and I’m hardly putting on any weight. So far this is pretty much a dream pregnancy.

(Which just makes me brace myself for the worst delivery ever…)

So, naturally everyone is calling it a boy. Most people get this matter-of-fact look on their face and sneakily share their wisdom that I am carrying a boychild – as if they were the first ones to crack the case – or rather make the assumption. Good job!

And who knows. They may be right. Now is probably not the best time for me to say that I’d probably still be more surprised if it’s not a girl?
All you oracles out there, hold your breath. I don’t give mother’s intuition much credit about stuff like this.

So we’ll just have to wait and see!