Dreamy fall, dreamy pregnancy

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Nobody blink! Or this beautiful fall weather might disappear and it’ll be wet, dark and naked winter before we know it!

It’s a good thing this winter will be full of good things to celebrate to distract us from the bleak weather. Winter means Christmas, New Years, my birthday (!), and our little Miss Number Two will be making her grand – hopefully quick – entrance!

Can I also point out that I am experiencing a dream pregnancy without the jinx fairies breaking the spell? (the word ‘jinx’ just has to go with pixies right?) I don’t know if the differences are mainly due to environmental changes though. I realize, that last time I was this pregnant I was living on a hill during the heat of summer in Salt Lake City. But when I read my 25 week blogpost I feel so lucky that I don’t feel as exhausted or heavy just yet. To tell the truth I actually still fit in my jeans?! And I haven’t put on nearly as much weight either.

I honestly can’t really complain about much. The main thing that bothers me is this terrible stitch I get in my side if I walk much faster than Sophia-speed.

A fun fact: My old pregnancy cravings are back in full blow. I can daydream the minutes away imagining the smell of parking garages, new shoes, new carpets, new child carseats (apparently) – my heart is seriously beating faster just from writing this – and for evening snacks after Sophia goes down I just pull an ice tray out of the freezer and eat it like a box of chocolates. I know, I’m nuts. But at least my cravings are low-cost and low-calorie!

But there’s only 15 weeks to go and life is pretty incredible. I can’t wait to welcome this little kicker into our family and more than anything to see the look on Sophia’s face when she first gets to meet her baby sister!

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset