Light the World


Christmas season is knocking on the door and once again I feel desperate to make the most of it before it slips away for a good 340 days! Do you know the feeling? I just want to spend the days singing Christmas carols, baking cookies and cakes, buying and wrapping gifts and giving lots of hugs!

The thing that I think will really maximize my Christmas spirit this season is service. I’ve had a few moments over the last couple of years when I’ve mentally woken up and realized how little I think of doing good things for other people compared to how much time I spend just getting my own life in order… which is silly really, considering how good helping others makes you feel inside.

So I really wanted to change that. Both to enjoy Christmas spirit to the fullest but also to grow as a person. A year ago I felt the exact same way and I was well into planning out a month of December focused on service, but for one reason or another it didn’t happen.

But this year!!

Now it will happen!

The LDS church, which we belong to, is hosting a challenge this December entitled Light the World. The challenge is to do 25 acts of service in 25 days and its website is full of suggestions for what to do each day. The purpose is to “light the world” this Christmas season and so many of the suggestions are as simple and easy as writing a friendly message, holding the door for people all day or having someone over for dinner. A perfect way to get a portion of Christmas spirit every day!

I am taking up the challenge!

I’ll be sharing a little about it each week on here and on my social media using the hashtag #lighttheworld. If you feel like this might make your Christmas a little more special too, join me!! And click here for more info and suggestions!

Merry Christmas!