My New Year’s resolutions


Two days ago on New Year’s Eve Marcus took my hand and led my out to our balcony a few minutes before midnight. Sophia had been asleep for hours and our guests for the night had left to tuck in their own little one. We wrapped a blanket around the both of us and hugged each other tight to keep warm for the last couple of minutes of the year. We spent them reminiscing our life together so far and the previous years that we had begun and ended in each other’s arms.

I dug my phone out from under the layers to check the time and the air filled with our merry neighbors’ voices chanting the count-down. I freed my hand to wrap it again around my husband, bracing myself for the leap.
As the new year came upon us I marveled at the magic of this simple little moment. All around us were people gathered together to celebrate in style. Other places in the world people were inaudibly shouting “Happy New Year!” to each other over the noise of scores of fireworks and loud music. Yet here we were on our quiet cold little balcony watching the Irish lack of fireworks, and in one another’s company with a sleeping child in the other room. Like on so many other nights.

Yet the magic was there. I could feel it – with thrilling intensity. Declaring through the night the many wonderful and miraculous times this new year will bring to our little family.


I’m not one to get excited about the clean slate and starting over and such, but fortunately I married someone who is. We spent the other night jotting down our resolutions together, specifying them and committing to them. I took this opportunity to really consider what I wanted to improve this year. I feel like I have usually automatically thought of things I ought to change, but this year I really focused on basing my resolutions on what would make me a happier person. Not things that would be more fun but the things that come to mind when you really, honestly, take a deep breath and think: What would make me happier?

We ended up with a list of categories. Health, spiritual, financial, educational, kids and home.

I attacked the Health category first because it is the hardest but also the simplest one for me. I wrote down exactly what I plan to do to live healthier especially after I am finished being pregnant this time around. I know being strong and healthy will boost my confidence and energy for life. Let’s just hope my writing it down will be enough to hold me accountable!

The next big one had to do with spiritual and mental growth. I set goals to have quiet time in the morning to gather my thoughts, pray, meditate and read.

I’m not one to buy really expensive things but I set a goal to get rid of my bad habit of buying things mainly because they are cheap. Can you relate?

I also set a goal to get good final grades at the end of each of this year’s semesters. I think it is realistic.. but let’s see what having two kids is like, shall we?

Marcus and I set the common goal to be better at spending time together as a family without screens. Especially when we have two of these little people, getting down on the floor and really being there with our kids will be so important! Also vital if we are all to keep our heads on!

Finally I set goals to help me stay on top of my house keeping. A few specifics include emptying the dishwasher before bedtime, doing a load of laundry every week-day if necessary, and over all getting into the habit of cleaning as we go.

*Sigh* …

And yes, all of these are based on making me a happier person to be around. And in retrospect they also aim to keep me as sane as possible when the day comes when I am tossed the extra juggling ball of mothering an additional child.

This year is certainly going to be different. The new arrival is just one out of many things. But I am so excited to have jumped in, and I intend to hit the ground running!

Happy New Year! And may 2017 be a happy one for us all!