I don’t blog because my life is perfect

Getting deeper and deeper into the blogging world both as a blogger and as a follower, I am coming to see the negative sides of sharing portions of your life online. You may have noticed too how people are getting more critical and skeptical of content being real or staged. On the flip-side I’ve also noticed people (myself included) feeling pressured to live up to ideals they see in people they follow.

A bold article about the concept of Lifestyle Porn has been going around my Facebook feed lately.

Don’t Google it! Just click here if you want to read it!
The concept connects the unreal and addictive ideal of pornography to bloggers’ and influencers’ picture-perfect lifestyles. Essentially it claims that lifestyle bloggers can have as stimulating and exciting of an impact on followers as pornography. Despite it not being real.

After I read this article I felt sad. And it made me want to share a little bit about why I blog, what motivates me and why I love it.

Actually, I have two main reasons.

First of all, I love writing. That’s the reason I started blogging in the first place, to get a space and an outlet for my desire to put thoughts into words. It relaxes me and makes me feel creative and inspired, which to me is one of the best feelings in the world.

My second reason came afterwards, when I had a better idea and understanding of what blogging entails. I would say it has also become my biggest reason. It is to contribute to the portion of the internet that shares goodness and inspires others.

My family is by no means perfect. We have problems and struggles just like anyone else. My house is almost never completely clean, our daughter is certainly not the silent type and Marcus and I talk about and work on our marriage every day.
But it is because of these imperfections that I have come to experience the power of uplifting experiences and motivating messages from others. The internet is already overflowing with everything from depressing news and draining criticism to empty and time-wasting entertainment. But there can never be enough content that proves and teaches what truly happy families are made of. I love blogging because I find it motivating that somewhere out there someone might gain something from what I am going through and thinking about – just like I have on so many occasions from other bloggers.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool and you don’t need to have a blog or a big following to make a difference in someone else’s day. It all comes down to what sort of content we push out there. Platforms such as Instagram are perfect spaces to surround ourselves with inspiring people that make us feel better about ourselves and who help us focus on the real things in life that make us happy – instead of just making us see all the things we lack.

So by all means, if I don’t do that for you, for goodness sake STOP FOLLOWING ME! Life is too short to live in the clouds of someone else’s life. Disconnect and focus on improving your own instead.

At least that’s the happier way.