On my way into your loving arms

I was just going through some pictures when I came across this oldie. Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts happened to be playing in the background and it just kind of set the mood for writing a little post.

This picture was taken almost exactly 4 years ago and is one of our engagement pictures. I had recently moved to Stockholm and we were almost 2 months from our wedding day when we got in the car and drove downtown to take these quick pictures in the freezing icy cold! Knowing exactly how cold we were and how numb my toes were I’m surprised how relaxed and happy we look!

The exact lyrics that were sung just as I was flipping through were “Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars
Pointing me on my way into your loving arms”. I hadn’t had my heart broken a lot at the time – I was pretty young and inexperienced when we met – but it hit me how different things that had happened in my life had probably nudged me onto the path and prepared me for meeting Marcus and wanting to be his wife.

One of the biggest reasons that I felt sure I wanted to marry him was that it seemed that we had both been brought up to raise the same type of family. The more we talked and especially after we got to meet each other’s families it was clear that we had the same goals, principles and values in mind for our futures. This was to a great extent why saying “yes” was as easy as it was and also why I fell in love with Marcus in the first place. Even more so than his bewitching good looks! What is more attractive than a guy who walks in and says he’s ready to help you make your biggest dreams come true??

Love you, honey!